Our Company

reChem Labs was founded with the purpose of expanding research available on research compounds not quite yet understood.

Due to the unreliability of the industry, we've felt it to be necessary to put forward a trustable website providing these research products.

It's important to note that reChem Labs is not a pharmacy, and strictly forbids consumption of any of the products.

reChem Labs is a company created by private chemical researchers for private chemical researchers, we're not government run, nor do we have any professional ties or associations with anyone in the government or law enforcement. We do not affiliate ourselves with any illegal operations or businesses.

Law enforcement are aware of our presence and respect the privacy of our company as well as that of the private researchers we provide our products to, so please respect and cooperate with law enforcement agencies when there is a matter in question. We have a strong legal department that may be able to assist researchers with matters if there is a question. You can reach them at legal [at] rechem.ca. (Note: The team is not comprised of lawyers, but our lawyers at Miller Thompson will advise and work closely with us when necessary. Our team consults the lawyers on the CDSA to keep them up with the changing and confusing laws. Our team is comprised of several researchers who actively study the law. If there is a question about the CDSA, they can answer it to the best of their ability.)

If you or anyone you know has information about misuse or inappropriate resale of our products, do not hesitate to let us know. We will investigate and if deemed appropriate, ban the people that have broken our terms and conditions, and report them to law enforcement. We have a strict not-for-human-consumption policy that will not go ignored. For more information, please contact our support or legal email addresses.