Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purity of your products?

All of our products are analytical grade. They generally range from 97-99.9% pure, guaranteed.

Do you provide testing or an analysis of your products?

Our products have all undergone preliminary testing both at the source and in our lab. When necessary, we will outsource to third parties for further testing. Most of our products have the NMR included on the product page.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our work, we only offer refunds before the product is shipped. If the package is already shipped and you wish to cancel the order, you will have to wait until the package arrives and then have it sent back. When the package returns to us and we can see it has not been open or tampered with in any way, we can then offer an exchange or credit.

I am dissatisfied with my product. What can you do about it?

At reChem, we take any complaints extremely seriously. We will investigate this complaint thoroughly and ensure it is resolved as soon as possible. Due to the fact that all of our products are tested and to be of analytical grade, it is very rare that a customer is dissatisfied and typically the issue is that the particular product chosen does not work with their particular research. If testing has been done by both parties and it is proven that our product is somehow of lesser quality than expected, we will issue an immediate refund and dispose of the batch in our stock.

I am unsure of what product to use for my research, can you recommend one for me?

We can not recommend products to any of our customers as we are not fully aware of your individual project or research. Furthermore, it is the customers responsibility to have fully researched the products they intend to include in their work to see if it is the best possible option for the results they desire.

I am wondering when a particular product will be back in stock.

We try to always keep our products well stocked, however sometimes there is a bit of wait time for some of the chemical processes. Please be advised that any stock updates will always be posted to our website, our BBM channel and our Facebook page, and those are the best places to keep up to date with product listings. Upon request, customers can be added to notification lists to be e-mailed when a product is restocked.

Can I include a sample with my order?

We no longer offer any free samples unless there are particular circumstances that require it. We do offer smaller, sample sized quantities of products at a lesser cost. The quantity and cost depend on the product and generally can only be added onto orders. Samples can only be issued once and not after that product has already been ordered in normal quantities.

Your credit card processor isn't accepting my card.

Typically this only occurs if there is an error with the addresses, which will come up as a "invalid zip code" error. Please ensure that the address registered to your credit card matches the billing and shipping address chosen on your order.
Otherwise, if the card isn't being accepted, please call your credit card company to find out why.
Please refrain from hitting the submit order button more than once as this will attempt to process the card multiple times.

It says my card was declined, but the payment was still charged to my card. Can you process my order?

When a card says declined, we have not received the payment on our end. If the charge still appears on your statement, it is due to the fact that when our processor accepts payments, the authorization goes to the bank who holds the funds and tells the credit card processor which information is correct or incorrect. That is when Stripe has the opportunity to decline the charge due to the incorrect information, but the bank has already authorized the charge which places a hold on those funds and why it is showing it was removed from your account. Though your card shows as charged, the charges will be reversed because we did not receive them, the payment wasn't completed. When Stripe declines the payment, they send a notice to the bank and let them know that they no longer want the funds and to release them back to you. Sometimes that takes 24 hours or so for the refund to appear on your statement. In the meantime, a second method of payment would have to be determined for your order to be processed. 

What are your methods of payment?

We accepted credit card (including pre-paid cards), Interac e-transfer, bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), cheque or money order. Please note any money orders coming from outside of Canada need to be international money orders, and that since we have to wait for the money order or cheque to arrive, it would take a bit before your order is processed.
Cheques and money orders are to be made out to:
reChem Incorporated
180 Northfield Dr W
Waterloo, Ontario

Interac e-transfers are to be sent to: with the password set as "rechem"

To pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, select "cryptocurrency" in the payment method selection during the checkout process.

Can I pay for my order with two separate methods of payment?

Yes, as long as we receive the total payment your order will be set to processing. Please include your order number with every payment to ensure they get put together and add up to the total owing. If you wish to pay with two different pre-paid cards, we would have to separate your order for you and this requires making two custom orders.

If I place and pay for my order today, will it be sent out today?

As long as the order is placed and paid for before our cut off time of 3pm EST Monday to Friday, it will go out the same day. Otherwise, it will go out the next business day.

Can I change my method of payment once the order goes through?

In order to change your chosen method of payment, we will have to cancel and, when applicable, refund the order. The order will have to be replaced. If the order is still pending and you would like to change the method of how you will pay it, you can at any point go into your order history and complete the payment of any pending order via any of our available methods.

I made an error on my order, can I edit it?

Any errors with the address or product selected can only be edited by our customer support team. Please note that any address changes or updates made on your actual account will not automatically be carried over to your order if you placed your order first. You must notify us of these changes.

What are my shipping options?

Your shipping options are either regular post, which is untracked and not guaranteed (if this package gets lost there is no way to recover it or be reimbursed). Xpresspost, which is tracked and guaranteed and Purolator Next Day, which is also tracked and guaranteed. There is also a Purolator Saturday delivery option which is only available in certain Canadian locations and only when the order is shipped on a Friday. Please see our Shipping Policies and Information page for more information.

Can you send my package discreetly?

We offer a discreet option for any orders within Canada. This means that our company name will not appear anywhere on the package, our partner company “Cerberus Solutions” will appear instead. We do not offer a discreet option for any orders outside of Canada, as we must abide by the laws of customs and properly label and document the package. All international orders must include a shipping label that specifies the contents of the package, as well as the products MSDS sheet. Please see our Shipping Policies and Information page for more information.

I am wondering if this product can be sent to the states?

For a complete list of products we are able to have sent to the states, please consult our US shipping policy on our Shipping Policies and Information page.

I am wondering why your list of approved products in your US Shipping Policy does not include this particular chemical, as it is unscheduled and legal in the states.

Due to the analogue act, a lot of unscheduled chemicals have an extremely ambiguous status and therefore are at high risk of being seized or their shipment highly delayed at US customs. For this reason, we have decided it was in our customers, as well as our companies best interest to avoid the complications that arise with these particular chemicals and ensure swift and care-free ordering experiences.

How long will my order take to arrive?

It depends on your location, but typically inside of Canada, regular post takes approximately anywhere from 5-14 business days to arrive, Xpresspost takes 1-3 business days and Purolator Next Day is guaranteed in one, but may take two depending on any delays that may arise.

Do you have any coupons or promotions you can offer me?

Any promotional offers will be advertised on the site or sent in the form of a letter in your order. The area for a coupon code upon checkout is reserved for customers who have received a credit for us, or a particular coupon code for a certain order. Some public promotional offers will also be issued in the form of a coupon.

Can I order a quantity that's not listed on the site?

Yes, we can do custom orders. Please e-mail and include the name and e-mail associated with your account, as well as the product and the quantity you'd like to order, and the shipping method you'd prefer. We will then reply with a total quote and if approved, will create the custom order for you through your account on the website.

Is there a phone number I can call for customer service?

We have a toll free number for urgent matters which require immediate verbal assistance between 12PM EST and 3:30PM EST, however we highly recommend e-mailing customer support at first, as this is the most efficient way to resolve most customer service matters.

Can you send products to addresses outside of Canada?

Yes, we ship worldwide, however it is the customers responsibility to ensure the products we are sending are safe and legal to send to their location. All of our packages are properly labeled with the correct forms for customs.Please see our Shipping Policies and Information page for more details.

Where are your offices located?

Our offices are located in Kitchener, Ontario. Our mailing address is as follows:
reChem Incorporated
180 Northfield Dr
Waterloo, ON
N2L 0C7