There seems to be some blatant misinformation being passed around regarding our company and website. It's imperative that all of our customers understand that we will never misleadingly accept any funds without true intent to ship. We've made it very clear to any customer who has contacted us that if their product / order is on back order we will quite quickly refund part of / the entirety of the order on back order depending on the circumstance.

The idea that a company or person would steal funds from anyone or any organization looking to make an honest purchase is just sickening. We've tried incredibly hard over the last 6 years to portray an image of honesty, reliability, community, and confidence to which the vast majority of our customers will attest. There are some people who may be looking to profit or create some sort of avenue for personal gain out of the slandering of our company online, and these must not be regarded as anything other than the ramblings of maniacal conspirators trying to create an issue and world that does not exist.

It is very important that one stays vigilant online. There are many scams, outlets of misinformation, evil personas and even worse people that make it easy to get swept up in a grand falsified mess. Perhaps it's a Canadian thing, perhaps it's a human empathy thing, but we would never steal money from anyone as we too have been the victim of hundreds of thousands of dollars of scams / theft over the years but we would not anyone or any organization to experience any sort of lack of confidence in people on Earth. No matter how big or small a loss is when a scam plays out, it is as evil as the others. Perpetrating financial terror is a mean and disgusting game.

Please stay safe online, financially and psychologically. Most importantly, always remember to do your research! After all, that's what our entire organization and customers are about.

Thank you for your business over the last 6 years, and for the many, many years to come.

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