Shipping Policies & Information


When you place an order, your order is set as ”Pending”. As soon as we receive your order and payment, we we will mark your order as ”Processing” within our system (the system will automatically do this if they payment method is credit card). Once the order is shipped, its set to ”Completed”. For each status update, you should receive an email with the updated information, and you should check your spam folder if you do not receive it. The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address associated with the individual order and not the e-mail address on your account. If an order is received before 3PM EST then it will be shipped the same day. If it's after 3PM EST we cannot guarantee same day shipping, however it will then go out the next day. If your order isn't set to “Processing” in a reasonable time-frame, please contact our support staff as soon as possible in case the order was somehow missed in the system.

Depending on the shipping method you chose, you may receive a guaranteed time-frame for which your order should arrive. If your package arrives after the expected delivery date, please notify us immediately so we can investigate into the cause for this. It is possible that, upon the error residing in the courier, we can attain a coupon for the cost of the shipping for you.

Full orders are shipped in small white padded Uline envelopes. International Purolator shipments are shipped in large Purolator envelopes, containing white padded Uline envelopes.

Each product will come in a plastic bag, properly labelled with the product information. There is no product information on the envelope whatsoever unless the order is shipped outside of Canada. Our business name and return address will appear on each package. We do provide a more discreet option, please see below for more information.


Billing and shipping addresses must match when the payment method desired is credit card. This is a strict preventative measure to ensure the privacy and security of our customers. We do not offer credit card as a payment method at the moment.

reChem Incorporated reserves the right to refuse the sale of any product to any customer if reChem Incorporated deems the transaction to be in violation of their company policies and terms and conditions.

US Shipping Policy:

We at reChem have been deliberating with US Attorneys as of recent, and have decided to open our doors to US Customers requiring many of our research products which we hadn’t offered the US before as a caution around technicalities within regulations and legalities.

Please note: This does not affect any currently Scheduled items under the US Controlled Substances Act, we will cancel and refund any orders containing controlled items as per US law. As we are shipping chemical products internationally, the same rule applies; if your products are stopped at the border, it is your responsibility to have them cleared by Customs. Customers should also acknowledge the fact that, although somewhat rare, it is not unheard of for the FDA to contact the receiver to ensure intent with the product is for research purposes only and not for consumption. We guarantee all shipments to the US as long as the receiver cooperates with the FDA if an inquiry arises.

We may be implementing a new screening policy for US Customers, but this will be announced as it comes available. As of current, our standard strict screening policy is maintained.

Some current products which are affected by this and will now be orderable through our company by screened US researchers are: *





















5-MeO-DALT (excluding Florida)

5-MeO-MiPT (excluding Florida)





4-Fluoromethylphenidate (excluding Alabama)







Research products which were already available to US customers and continue to be available for your scientific purposes are: *

CRL 40,941
Huperzine A

*This list is current as of January 5th 2017, but not later as laws change - please check your domestic and local laws to ensure you are not ordering a scheduled item without license. We will be keeping up to date with US laws to maintain complete legal cooperation with our neighbours to the south. 

*Not all of these products are currently available, but may be restocked in the future if out of stock as of January 5th 2017. 


Any orders going to the United States must first be confirmed by viewing our US Shipping Policy. (Please see above). Customers are to only order products listed on that policy. Any purchases of products not on that list to a delivery address in the United States will result in a cancellation and refund of their order. An exchange can also be made upon request.

Customers from any country may order from our site, as long as that customer is fully aware of the laws and regulations of their country and assumes full responsibility of the products they order. We are in no way held accountable for a customer ordering a product from our site that is controlled, banned or illegal to import into their country. If an order is seized by Customs, it is not the responsibility of reChem Incorporated to replace or refund that order.

When shipping internationally, all packaging is labelled and documented with the proper Customs forms and MSDS data sheets. Discreet shipping is not available.

All of the shipping options that we offer are available when shipping internationally except for Purolator Saturday and Same Day delivery. The estimated time of arrival quotes and prices vary depending on your location and are not the same as the quotes listed below. Regular Post/Registered Mail is only available with orders $40.00 and under before tax. Expedited shipping is not guaranteed in a certain time-frame, but Xpresspost is.


When an order is marked for “General Delivery”, it means that the package will be delivered to the nearest post office or depot for you to pick up. To chose this option, please specify “General Delivery” in your order notes or address field. Please confirm with your post office that this option is available and set it up with them accordingly. General Delivery replaces your home address, so it goes along with any of our shipping options below; You would simply enter in the post office or depot's address as your own.

For Flex Delivery, this is an option on the Canada Post website. You would sign up for this service and it will provide you with an alternative shipping address to use in lieu of your own.

Please note that neither of these options are available when the payment method is credit card, unless the billing address (the address registered to your credit card) happens to match the replacement shipping address.


Regular Post/Registered Mail

Regular Post is untracked, not guaranteed to arrive in any time frame, and is uninsured. This method is free of cost. We can estimate a general time the package should arrive based on Canada Post\'s quote for your postal code, however it may or may not arrive within that time. Registered mail is the exact same as regular post, however it has a tracking number associated with it. It\'s not guaranteed or insured, but able to be tracked. Both methods can only be selected with orders that are under $100 before tax.


Xpresspost typically arrives in 1-3 business days for most locations within Canada. It is tracked, guaranteed, and insured. Expedited is the same, only it tends to take a bit longer to deliver, adding on one or two businesses days. The costs vary depending on location, and will be available to you upon checkout. Upon request, the customer can add the option to require a signature upon delivery of their package.

Purolator Next Day

Purolator shipments are tracked, guaranteed and insured. For most locations, it is guaranteed next day. If the location is small and remote, it may take two business days. Please note that Purolator shipments cannot be sent to P.O. Boxes and a signature will always be required upon delivery, unless specifically requested by the customer to have “no signature required”. The costs vary depending on location, and will be available to you upon checkout.

Purolator Saturday Delivery

Purolator Saturday Delivery is only available when the order is shipped out on a Friday, and is not always available to your location. Please contact customer support to confirm that this method is available to you. If you place an order for Saturday Delivery on any day other than Friday, we will contact you to confirm and when applicable, we will refund or credit the difference if a shipping method downgrade is decided upon. This method is tracked, insured and guaranteed. Please note that Purolator shipments cannot be sent to P.O. Boxes and a signature will always be required upon delivery, unless specifically requested by the customer to have “no signature required”. The costs vary depending on location, and will be available to you upon checkout.

Purolator Same Day Delivery

Same Day delivery is available upon special request to select cities. This method is tracked, insured and guaranteed. Please note that Purolator shipments cannot be sent to P.O. Boxes and a signature will always be required upon delivery, unless specifically requested by the customer to have “no signature required”. The costs vary depending on location, and will be quoted to you upon request. Generally, within Ontario, they charge $2.00 per kilometre of travel time when outside of the Waterloo region. Anything outside of Ontario will have a $250-350 flight fee added. Please click here for a Same Day delivery Zone Guide.

Discreet Shipping

Discreet shipping can be added on to any order when requested in your order notes. It will replace reChem Incorporated's name with our partner company's name, ”Cerberus Solutions”. The return address will remain the same. Discreet shipping can only legally be applied to shipments within Canada. This option is beneficial for organizations who are concerned about parcel theft due to less secure mail and parcel receiving areas and departments.

(Please note that shipping options and prices differ for international orders. Please see our international shipping section).


Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. If a product that you did not order has been sent to you accidentally, please notify us at customer support immediately and we will send you your replacement product along with a return envelope for the incorrect product to be sent back. Please note that this product must be unopened and not tampered with in any way. If we find the exchange to be in violation of this policy, then the total cost of the inadequate returned product will be placed upon your account as a balance owing.


If an order has been sent out to an incorrect address and the mistake was on our end, we will re-ship your order to the correct address and, when applicable, upgrade your shipping method for free. If the address mistake was a fault of the customer, then the customer must pay to have their order re-shipped to them, as well as pay the fee that we are charged by the courier to have a package returned to sender.

With Purolator, we can attempt an address correction if caught right away. If it's within the same city and something small needs to be altered, then it is only a $10.00 fee to make that adjustment. Canada Post does not offer address correction.

For these reasons, it is imperative to double check your address information.